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The Engineering Construction Industry

UK engineering construction is a global force. It leads Europe and is second only to the USA in the world. As a contracting industry, UK trained personnel are responsible for leading innovation and quality on sites worldwide. 

Domestically, the £16 billion industry is fundamental to the economy. It employs approximately 80,000 in the UK (100,000 worldwide) and is essential to the infrastructure of major economic sectors accounting for up to 20% of GDP, through the design, project management, construction, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of plant for:

Oil and gas
On and offshore including exploration, extraction, terminals, refinery, gas making and treatment facilities.

Power generation
Dismantling and refurbishing/building new coal-fired and co-generation power supplies, renewable technologies including on and offshore wind, hydro, tidal and wave power.

Decommissioning old and commissioning new nuclear generation and waste processing.

Processing and manufacturing

Erection, dismantling and fabricating of steel structures and processing and manufacturing plant across a wide range of industries including cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, and food and drink.

Water and environmental

Water and sewerage treatment works.



  • Tony Featherstone
  • Director of International Operations & Commercial
  • Room 504, Arab Tower
  • Hamdan Street
  • P.O. Box: 45117
  • Abu Dhabi
  • United Arab Emirates
  • UK Mobile: +447875 461114
  • UAE Mobile: +971506-144693
  • http://www.ecitb.org.uk/
  • 01923 402133

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