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Role Profiles

Welcome to the ECITB Role Profiles. ECITB has prepared a series of Role Profiles covering the main skilled Craft & Technician occupations which are designed to provide a comprehensive summary of each role.

Role Profiles include:

  • Objectives, Competencies and Knowledge

    The main objectives for the role, along with the Competencies and Knowledge required for the role (based on the National Occupational Standards).

  • ECI Sectors employing the role

    A summary of which ECI sectors generally employ the role

  • Occupational numbers

    How many are currently employed in the role, and in which ECITB region. How numbers in the role have changed in the last 5 years.

  • Qualifications

    A summary of relevant ECITB qualifications, and similar ones offered by other Awarding Bodies in related sectors. Further information is available on those qualifications awarded in other sectors which may be requested from ECITB Account Managers.

  • ECITB Technical Tests

    A summary of the ECITB Technical Tests available for the role.

  • Training Courses and Career Progression

    Suggestions for training develop individuals in the role, and for those progressing from it.


Document downloads:

Electrical Fitter

Electrical Maintenance Technician

Instrument & Control Technician

Mechanical Fitter

Mechanical Maintenance Technician




Steel Erecter

Trayfitter (Towers & Columns)

Welder (Pipework & Plate)


If you have any questions about Role Profiles please contact your ECITB Account Manager or send an e-mail to: R&D@ecitb.org.uk with the words 'Role Profiles' in the title.


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