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When reviewing the activities of an employer’s establishment in order to confirm whether or not it should be added to or remain on the ECITB’s Register of Leviable Establishments, the following four criteria will be considered:-

  • Whether there is an establishment.
  • Whether the establishment undertakes engineering construction activities.
  • Whether the establishment is wholly or mainly engaged in engineering construction activities.
  • Whether the establishment was wholly or mainly engaged in engineering construction activities during the relevant Base Period.

Each criteria is considered separately. If any of the criteria cannot be satisfied, then a leviable establishment cannot be identified and the establishment cannot be added to or remain on the ECITB’s Register of Leviable Establishments.


New establishments

Employers which may be operating engineering construction establishments and which have not been identified before will be contacted by ECITB staff who will seek to arrange to visit the employer and obtain an understanding of and information on the business.  As part of the initial contact, the employer will be requested to complete a Business & Activity Return.  This will provide information on matters such as the establishment, the activities of the business, numbers of workers, etc.  Where available, information in the public domain may also be reviewed, for example, the employer’s website, promotional literature and published accounts. 

Following the collection and consideration of all available information (including any from discussions with the employer), a report will be produced by a senior manager which addresses the four key areas detailed above.   The report, known as an Establishment Review Report, will be reviewed by the ECITB’s Board Secretary, who will make the final decision as to whether or not an establishment should be added to or remain on the ECITB’s Register of Leviable Establishments.  

The employer will then be notified in writing of the ECITB’s decision.


Existing leviable establishments

It may be that an engineering construction establishment ceases to be a leviable establishment.  This could occur for a variety of reasons.  The most common are as follows:-

  • The establishment ceases to undertake engineering construction activities, or to be mainly engaged in such activities in a base period; 
  • The establishment does not wholly or mainly engage in engineering construction activities for the requisite period in the base period; and
  • The establishment ceases to exist. 

In such circumstances, the ECITB will undertake a review, and the criteria referred to above will be applied.  It may be that any changes will not be apparent to the ECITB from information available.  Thus, the employer may have to bring such information to the ECITB’s attention to enable a review to be considered and/or concluded.  The ECITB will consult with employers on such issues to ensure that the correct conclusion is reached, and will often require information (sometimes of a detailed nature) in order to confirm the position.


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