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When considering whether an establishment is wholly or mainly engaged in principal and related engineering construction activities, the ECITB will primarily give consideration to the balance of activities of the establishment's workers.

If 50% or more of the establishment's total workforce is engaged in principal and related engineering construction activities, then the establishment is mainly engaged in engineering construction activities and ALL workers in the establishment are required to be declared to the ECITB and may be subject to the levy.


Full time equivalent

When looking at any workers who are engaged in more than one activity, the ECITB will calculate the Full Time Equivalent. For example, if there are 10 workers each engaged for 60% of their time in welding pipework on a power station and 40% of their time fabricating in a workshop at the establishment’s own premises, the full time equivalent will be that 6 workers are engaged in principal engineering construction activities and 4 workers are engaged in other activities of industry or commerce.


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