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Be a Part of Engineering Construction

An ECITB Apprenticeship is the foundation for an exciting and well paid career with really great prospects in engineering constructionThere are plenty of opportunities and completing an Apprenticeship qualifies you for work on some awesome projects like the 2012 Olympic sports facilities and stadia and North Sea oil and gas platforms. 

And if you want to travel - thousands of UK trained personnel work in engineering construction all over the world. Interested?


What is an ECITB Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a programme designed to train and qualify individuals to become skilled in, and knowledgeable about their chosen profession. Training for a career in the engineering construction industry is organised through the ECITB (Engineering Construction Industry Training Board) and if you wish to ‘be a part of engineering construction’, an ECITB Apprenticeship is the ideal path to take and is recognised as such by employers working in the multi million pound engineering construction industry.


What can I expect from an ECITB Apprenticeship?

Deciding to become a part of engineering construction by way of an ECITB Apprenticeship offers you a future full of choices and opportunities. Making this decision means you may have the chance to travel the world – if that is what you want. Alternatively you can play a key role in developing the UK.

The work is exciting, well paid and well respected and no two days are ever the same. As an ECITB Apprentice you’ll be paid while you develop the necessary skills, processes and techniques at a training provider and learn the associated theory at college. After this initial period, commonly referred to as the ‘off-the-job training’ period, you’ll progress to work on real projects with your employer.


What is Engineering Construction - Why is it important?

Engineering construction is at the heart of the developed – and developing – world. The industry is concerned with any onshore and offshore structure producing a material, utility (gas or electricity) or performing a vital process. It is an industry that has no limitations and those who work in it play a vital and ever-changing role in the lives of millions in terms of impact upon health, efficiency or prosperity all over the world. Without engineering construction we would have no heat to warm our homes, clean water to drink or petrol to fill our cars as people that work in the industry are responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of process plants, production of oil, gas, water and food, and power generation.

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