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Foundations for the future

Apprenticeships can make your organisation more effective by helping you to build and secure your company’s workforce with fresh new talent, skills and qualifications. And, with severe skills shortages forecast, Apprenticeships can help you to ensure that your organisation has the practical ability and theoretical knowledge needed for now and the future.

The mixture of off-the-job learning and on-the-job practical experience ensures that your Apprentices learn the skills that work best for your business. Over 130,000 companies currently offer Apprenticeship places because they understand the benefits that Apprentices bring to their business – increased productivity, improved competitiveness and a committed and competent workforce.

Vocational qualifications

More than a quarter UK businesses consider vocational training higher than any other qualification. At the end of their training, Apprentices have industry recognised certification in their chosen field (eg BTEC), and most courses lead to  Vocational Qualifications (VQs) at Level 3.

Update skills

You can immediately benefit from new skills learnt during Apprentices’ off-the-job training.  They learn up-to-date techniques and can put them to practical use straight away, working on-the-job for you. By taking on Apprentices, you develop the specialist skills you need to keep pace with the latest technology and working practices.

Improve productivity

Putting these newly acquired skills to work makes a tangible contribution to efficiency and productivity.  Apprentices work alongside experienced staff in a mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge.

Work experience

In addition to their qualifications, Apprentices clock up 2 years work experience and will have become established and valued employees by the end of the their training.

Staff loyalty

Apprentices are highly committed to the programme, which last for 3 years. The investment in their training and career makes them feel valued (and of course, they are more valuable!). This commitment lasts long after the Apprenticeship is completed, and almost all Apprentices pursue productive careers with their companies. Their loyalty makes them easier to retain in the long term.

Avoid skills shortages

The industry is constantly challenged to keep up with innovations and new technology.  Plus, we know that there is a massive skills shortfall predicted. Recruiting Apprentices now will help you to develop the knowledge and skills needed to keep effective and competitive.


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