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Training Provider

What is an ECITB Apprenticeship? What’s contained in the ECITB Apprenticeship frameworks and how do they differ from similar frameworks in like sectors? This section of the website can provide the answers to these questions and others. Find out what resources are available to assist you in delivering ECITB Apprenticeships to Apprentices in the Engineering Construction Industry.

The ECITB have around 200 companies the length and breadth of Great Britain who consider ECITB Apprenticeships as the ideal way to develop new entrants for the Engineering Construction Industry. To train 700 Apprentices each year we need a network of training providers who can provide a quality delivery for our Apprentices, their employers and the industry. We are fortunate to have established a relationship with, and accredited, over 20 training providers, providing training that is often demanding, certainly in terms of the tight timescales the ECITB require to have the off-the-job training completed for our registered companies’ Apprentices.

The ECITB Advanced/Modern Apprenticeship Framework for England and Wales and the Modern Apprenticeship Framework for Scotland, like any sector framework have industry specific requirements. To assist our accredited training providers with the delivery of the training we offer support materials at no cost. These materials have been developed through consultation with industry and discipline experts and include suggested training programmes and lesson plans, knowledge questionnaires with exemplar answers, Powerpoint presentations and suggested practical exercises, for all trades/disciplines and linked to the relevant VQs. By deploying these training resource materials effectively to train well-motivated Apprentices the training provider would be preparing the Apprentices for the VQ Level 3 they are to pursue on-site.

Training Providers delivering ECITB Apprenticeships will also benefit from the support of ECITB Account Managers in each region to assist the training provider with any barriers in the way of Apprentices progress. The Account Manager can be an invaluable link with the ECITB registered company.

By becoming an accredited provider of ECITB Apprenticeships, there is scope for developing relationships with some of Great Britain’s biggest employers. With the wide range of training and development products the ECITB have developed for its registered companies, it may be that delivering Apprenticeships opens the door to a partnership with the ECITB that leads to many other training initiatives, including technical training, management and professional and health and safety.



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