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How can they benefit me?

There are many benefits of achieving an VQ in your chosen profession of which the most frequently noted are:

  • VQs are recognised by the engineering construction industry as the benchmark of competence across the craft and technician occupations.
  • VQs prove your competence to employers and increase your marketability to prospective employers.
  • Each VQ is developed by people who know the industry.
  • Rigorous assessment process ensures integrity of VQs.
  • Assessor led assessment ensures unobtrusive and minimal disruption to work.
  • The qualification is recognised as valuable by the industry.
  • By gaining a VQ, you are making a strong statement about your desire to achieve.
  • VQs are flexible. There is, within reason, no time limit set for gaining the qualification.
  • Candidates can work through the qualification unit by unit.
  • There is no age barrier or special entry requirement.
  • Your previous experience is taken into account.
  • VQs are strongly work related.
  • Achievement of an ECITB VQ in a relevant trade can lead to the issue of an ACE card.


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