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Delivering excellence

A well qualified workforce is better motivated, more professional and more productive. Delivery of a comprehensive suite of credible qualifications is fundamental to achieving – and improving – quality and standards for the industry, as well as securing national and global competiveness.

The ECITB both develops and awards qualifications for the entire engineering construction industry, validating skills, knowledge and achievement across hundreds of craft and technical skills as well as supervisory, management and professional disciplines.

Fit for YOUR purpose

The suite of ECITB qualifications has been developed to qualify staff according to industry needs. Contact your regional ECITB Account Manager to discuss staff training and qualifications programmes tailored specifically for your company’s current and future needs.

ECITB qualifications

ECITB qualifications are developed and accredited as Vocational Qualifications to certify attainment in industry specific learning and skills. They:

  • Validate and recognise competence
  • Based on National Occupational Standards
  • Nationally recognised and accredited in the National Qualification Framework, the Qualification and Credit Framework and Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework
  • Are developed in close conjunction with industry employers and experts in each field to ensure that they endorse achievements that fit industry requirements.
  • Ensure consistency in knowledge and skills across the industry.
  • Are kept up-to-date through regular reviews.

Vocational Qualifications

A complete list of Vocational Qualifications can be found here.


Delivery & Quality Assurance

ECITB Qualifications are delivered through a network of over 80 Approved Centres. These centres are quality assured for the delivery of the qualifications by the ECITB External Verifiers. They monitor performance ensuring consistency and equality and ensure centres comply with the ECITB Quality Assurance processes, which ensures that the ECITB complies with the standards set by the regulatory authorities.


The ECITB’s Awards & Qualifications Committee takes overall responsibility for development and quality of awards, with the Quality Assurance Framework in place to ensure standards meet statutory regulatory requirements of the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulator (Ofqual) and the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA).


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