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Assessors and Internal Quality Assurers

Organisations must ensure that they have the staff qualified to assess and internally verify qualifications that they wish to offer. It will be acceptable to approve a centre where an organisation has an assessor and internal verifier in “training” for the completion of the appropiate qualifications. The proposed assessor and internal verifier must be able to prove that they have the appropriate occupational expertise required for the delivery of the qualification to be assessed and internally verified.

Assessors are also required to be occupationally competent. Guidance for assessor and internal quality assurer occupational expertise and competence for ECITB awards are provided within the appropriate Standard Setting Body Assessment Strategy for use by the approved centres. The Assessment Strategies can be found by clicking the links below:

Assessment Strategy for Craft, Technician,Technical, Expediting and Project Control

Assessment Strategy for Management and Leadership



An Awarding Organisation may allow such centres to register candidates, but no claim for a candidate qualification can be processed until both assessor and internal quality assurer candidates have achieved the necessary qualifications and satisfied the approval criteria. Assessors and internal quality assurers must be sufficient in number to carry out the processes and procedures required to provide a candidate the necessary support and guidance and must act consistently within the centre and across all assessment locations for the qualifications as offered by the approved centre.


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