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Skills and Technical

Role of the Training Provider

ECITB approved training providers play an essential role in the delivery of technical training to the engineering construction industry.

Using ECITB’s suite of Training Standards, training providers can develop technical training courses, which are bespoke and responsive to the needs of the learner.

Audited, Quality Assured Training

ECITB Approved Training Providers can guarantee employers and learners that they are delivering audited, quality assured training, developed specifically with the needs of the engineering construction industry in mind.

Each course has to be approved using ECITB’s Provider Course Approval Scheme (PCAS).

Training Providers using ECITB’s Training Standards can develop and deliver courses, which are practical, cost-effective and bring immediate benefit to the learner’s business.

Short Courses and Extensive Training Programmes

ECITB Approved Training Providers using the new Training Standards will be able to develop short courses based on individual Training Standards or create more extensive training programmes based on a combination of complimentary Training Standards to satisfy a particular customer requirement.

“Hydratight has been delivering ECITB approved training courses for over 17 years and we were pleased to be asked by the ECITB to contribute further towards their Technical Training Standards development programmes specific to Mechanical Joint Integrity and On-site Machining.

ECITB Technical Training Standards fully meet the requirements of Hydratight’s internal competency assurance process and provide clear guidance for Training Providers to create and implement externally approved training programmes that are aligned to industry best practice.” 

Jason Barnard, Technical Competency Leader, Hydratight


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